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Despite the constant negative press KOFEFE...

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About Braille Labs

At Braille Labs our mission is to create applications and utilities that add a twist or two to our interactions, to make them more fun, simplified, entertaining and memorable.

About KOFEFE Chat

We are thrilled to announce our first creation, KOFEFE -- a brand new app that is designed to bring you a totally new social networking and chat experience. KOFEFE delivers chat messages and your social media updates in a whole new way. Messages can be specially packaged and delivered using surprise mode. Surprise messages delivered with a timer are not revealed immediately. Your friends need to explicitly unlock it. The recipient(s) can see a teaser of the post or message as the timer is running out. They can guess your messages and collect trophies!

You can use KOFEFE for your regular social networking and messaging needs as well. The content will be delivered reliably and faster. KOFEFE's simplistic interfaces are designed to help you move away from the cluttered, bloated yesteryear social networks and have a refreshing experience.

KOFEFE can be used to share anything with your friends in the form of text, pictures, memes and videos.

Install KOFEFE from app store or play store and enjoy this experience. Please do share with your friends and start teasing them!

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